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I was a student of Academia Cristiana del Aire, when I was in prison. It was a great help and a blessing
what I learned, I was edified so much by the material that was sent to me in prison.
Thank you and go ahead with the preaching of the word.
God, keep them and keep using them for your glory.

V. Pineda

Academia Student

I had an extremely rough day at work. After my 12-hour day, I turned on the radio
and The Voice of Truth, sung by Casting Crown, was playing.
I started bawling, realizing I had lost focus on the Truth


KBNJ Listener

We're listening right now at Nueva Ecija, Philippines, together with my wife Grazel.
[We're] so blessed by your station.

R. Taborite

KVMV Listener

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To use media in a contemporary way to share the message of Christ,
strengthen the church, and serve the community



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Bringing the Community Together by Lifting Up and Encouraging Listeners with Contemporary Christian Music and programs.

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Spreading the Gospel to Spanish Listeners Across the U.S-Mexican Border Using Our Unique "Radio Manantial" FM Programming

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800 Students

Our "Academia Cristiana del Aire" Offers an Accredited Education Program to anyone who seeks to study the Bible Deeply

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